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Calculating how much paint you need for your next project can be tricky. But paint calculators make it easy to estimate with just a few details. These handy web-based tools ask simple questions like room dimensions, wall heights, and paint color. You input the specifics and the calculator does the math for you.

It factors in elements like wall space, doors, windows, and ceiling height. It knows that painting dark colors requires more coats and more paint than lighter shades. The calculator totals up the square footage that needs painting. Then it converts that into an estimate of how many gallons you’ll need to buy.

Some advanced paint calculators even tell you how many rolls of tape and drop cloths you’ll need. This helps you create a complete supply list and budget for your project. No more buying too much or too little paint.

Painting calculators are free to use online. Major paint brands like Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore offer calculators tailored to their specific products. There are also independent calculators with expanded features.

If you dread the guesswork of buying paint, let a painting calculator determine the quantities for you. It takes the hassle out of estimating so you save time, money, and extra trips to the store.

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